The new Thunder Euroseries to start in 2022

After the successful National Series, the forthcoming new season will also mark the debut of the first European Championship for the highly-performing Wolf GB08 Thunder. Three appointments and a test race on the calendar: the kick-off from Spa Francorchamps 18.01.2022 – A new and exciting competition is about to get underway on some of the most prestigious European racetracks. After the success of the many National Series, the spectacular Wolf GB08 Thunders will challenge each other in a new European challenge in 2022: the Thunder Euroseries. This project combines the ideas of Luca Panizzi (the organizer of Formula X Italian ...
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The Wolf GB08 Thunder entitled to compete in the FFSA Hill Climb Championships

20.12.2021 - Another important result has been achieved by the Wolf GB08 Thunder after a one-year long process that granted it the possibility to compete in all the Hill Climb competitions organized by the French Sporting Federation FFSA (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile). The superlight car of the Italian make pushed by a motorbike-derived 1000cc Aprilia engine unit capable of over 220 bhp will be included in the ESC1A class with a weight of 360 kilograms. This result rewards once again the Wolf GB08 Thunder project. This is a model designed, produced and developed at the Wolf Racing Cars’ factory ...
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The new Extreme is here...Extremely Wolf!

16.07.2021 - Wolf Racing Cars is proud to announce the much-awaited Extreme, the new Sport Prototype single-seater featuring the new aspirated V8 engine capable of 650 BHPs and a weight of 620 kg, which sets a new benchmark for the category. The car’s name comes from the fact that Wolf Racing Cars pushed to the extreme the concepts of reduced weight, high aerodynamic load and power. The best possible performance has been combined with very high safety standards thanks to the carbon fiber chassis, certified safety structures, and the addition of the Halo device. Extreme is the first car produced ...
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The Hill Climb version of the Wolf GB08 Thunder to debut at the Vallecamonica Trophy with Mirko Zanardini

11.06.2021 – Another challenge is ahead for Wolf Racing Cars that is going to debut with a specific version for hill climb racing of the very successful Wolf GB08 Thunder driven by Mirko Zanardini this coming weekend from June 11th to 13th. On the occasion of the third round of the Italian Hill Climb Championship, the 50th Vallecamonica Trophy will take place on the hill-climb of Malegno-Ossimo-Borno. The attention of Wolf Racing Cars to hill-climbs and the usage of the GB08 Thunder in the Italian Championship is the first step of the Italian constructor to release soon a version of ...
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Wolf Racing Cars kicks off the CISP 2021 season and strikes a poker at the Australian Prototype Series

05.05.2021 - Wolf Racing Cars kicked off its season on a high last weekend in Monza in the fourth year as the soul of the Italian Sports Prototypes 2018-2022 with the successful Wolf GB08 Thunder pushed by the Aprilia 1.0 engine and fitting Yokohama tyres. The new single-make formula for the sports prototypes developed by the Italian manufacturer did not experience any crisis as 21 Thunder challengers got on track at the Temple of Speed. Unstable weather conditions and the very high level of the competition made the first round of season 2021 a spectacular challenge with a lot of ...
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Wolf GB08 Thunder raddoppia: riparte il Campionato Italiano e debutta la serie francese!

17.03.2021 - Dopo il successo ottenuto nelle ultime tre stagioni, disputate con il nuovo format monomarca animato dalle Wolf GB08 Thunder, il grande successo del Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi si espande anche oltre le Alpi. La Francia sarà infatti la prima nazione a lanciare un identico Campionato Nazionale supportato dalle vetture costruite nella factory di Gardone Valtrompia. Per una coincidenza voluta da entrambi gli organizzatori, i due campionati partiranno contemporaneamente, dal 30 aprile al 2 maggio. Il tricolore prototipi aprirà i battenti all’Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, mentre la serie d’oltralpe promossa da Wolf Racing France e TTE scenderà in pista ...
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August 2020 | Racing recap

July 31- August 2 | CISP | Misano In the second round of the Italian series employing the Wolf GB08 Thunder surprises have not gone missing. This confirms that the challenger designed and built by Wolf Racing Cars in Gardone Val Trompia allows an easy adaptation and a performance levelling. The young rookie Antoine Miquel (FRA) posted a spectacular pole position, crushing the previous lap record with a remarkable 1’34.051s. The weekend was then dominated by Danny Molinaro (ITA), who secured two wins that allowed him to repeat the performance put in by Lorenzo Pegoraro (ITA) at the opener in ...
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A new website for a new growing phase of Wolf Racing Cars

30.07.2020 – Always looking for excellence and quality, Wolf Racing Cars is working relentlessly to improve its communication in the context of a specific program of growth. The new version of the web site has been published in the past few days: the new design is more immediate and direct, complete and emotional. The Italian factory that took on the Wolf Racing brand in 2009 and relaunched it with the successful project Wolf GB08 is now a benchmark for sports prototypes and the new format of the web site fits within a precise strategy oriented to increase the international ...
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Wolf Racing Cars goes eSports!

The series certified by ACI Esport and promoted by Wolf Racing Cars and Simracing Motorsport is about to get underway. A new project is about to enrich Wolf Racing Cars’ world. ACI Sport, through its ESport commission recognized another initiative dedicated to Sim Racing: the Virtual Sports Prototypes Italian Championship, a project devised by the promoter and constructor of Wolf GB08 Thunder employed in the Italian series and by ACI Esport that guarantees the quality and equity of the event. The organization has been entrusted to the Spanish company Simracing Motorsport that replicated the championship in a virtual edition, which ...
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The whole story of Wolf in an emotional video

21/01/2020 – The brand Wolf is one of the icons of International motorsport. Its unique and legendary history started back in 1976 thanks to the founder Walter Wolf and now includes the worldwide successful project Wolf GB08. An unmissable emotional video available from the official Facebook page and Wolf Racing Cars’s official website revisits all the key moments that made the brand famous in the world through high-value original footage ...
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The Wolf Racing Cars GB08 Tornado and Ivan Bellarosa win the Speed Euroseries by Ultimate Cup Series 2019

08.11.2019 – An extraordinary victory has been added to Wolf Racing Cars’ prize list, as Ivan Bellarosa and the Wolf GB08 Tornado have been crowned the champions of the renewed Speed Euroseries by Ultimate Cup Series 2019, that just ended at the Paul Ricard in Le Castellet (FRA). Ivan Bellarosa and co-equiper Guglielmo Belotti claimed the title at Paul Ricard at the end of an eventful weekend that confirmed the great value of the lineup that secured the fourth pole position of the season in five races and set the new track record for CN cars in 1’58.971s. The pace ...
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The fight for the Italian Sports Prototypes marked by Wolf Racing Cars is still open after the spectacular weekend in Vallelunga

17.09.2019 – Exciting and hard-fought, the Italian Sports Prototypes 2019 Championship, the single-make series using the Wolf GB08 Thunder powered by Aprilia 1.0 and fitting Yokohama tyres, confirmed last weekend all its value in the penultimate weekend of the season in Vallelunga. The new formula introduced last year that involves Wolf Racing Cars for the preparation and assistance of the cars, had an unmissable weekend at the circuit named after Piero Taruffi that excited the enthusiasm of fans. The great performance put in by the cars and the competitiveness level delivered both to professional and less experienced drivers, kept the ...
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