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Wolf Racing Cars unveils its plans for the new factory

26.07.2022 - Wolf Racing Cars announced today the start of the construction of the new headquarters. The process is expected to last 18 months.

The constructor has been forced to think about a new structure earlier than expected as it filled up all the space available at the current base anticipating an expansion of the site with new projects and collaborations that will be announced shortly.

The new factory is being built just one km away from the current one and will include a two-story building and a mezzanine. One level will be used by the design team for the assembly of the new cars, for the engines department and a test room and then some space will be devoted to the Racing and R&D departments. The second level will host spare parts storage and will be a logistic central Hub. The third level will host the direction offices and the marketing team, a small museum for the cars and a meeting room with a welcoming area for clients.

This new investment shows the intention of Wolf Racing Cars to confirm itself as one of the biggest players in the construction of competition and leisure cars aiming to provide a 100% Wolf car from the engine to the gearbox to the electronics. On the other side, it aims to provide services of technical design and consultancy as well as deliver its own Powertrains to important brands.

“It feels great to look at where we are now in motorsport – a proud Giovanni Bellarosa, the General Director of Wolf Racing Cars, commented – but it is interesting to look also to the challenges and ambitions we have ahead. Our new buildings mirror not only our resolution to always work better to provide our customers with the fastest cars possible and better services, but also the extent of our growth and development as an organization”.


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