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Here is the Wolf GB08 Raiden

Wolf Racing Cars today unveiled images of the Wolf GB08 Raiden, which will animate the Italian Sport Prototypes Championship from this year and until 2028, but which will also be distributed to Dealers and customers around the world as early as the end of June, a totally new car that raises the bar even higher in terms of safety, performance and reliability.

The latest from Wolf Racing Cars, stands in the model scale above the Wolf GB08 Thunder (which will continue to be produced and is now the manufacturer's best seller), but apart from the choice of engine that remains Aprilia but passing from 1.0 to 1.1 liters, it was decided for the Wolf GB08 Raiden to change every detail, starting with the chassis that meets the latest specifications of the FIA on single-seaters with Halo, equipped with side and lower anti-intrusion panels, although compared to a classic single-seater has a more spacious cockpit that allows greater comfort to drivers larger in stature, always on the subject of safety is the rear crash box always in carbon fiber as well as the entire bodywork.

The car has ground effect, a choice that has made it possible to increase the aerodynamic load by 28%, without penalizing the top speed, which on the contrary, thanks to the very different front section guarantees an increase in top speed estimated at 5/6 km/h.

The transmission has been completely renewed thanks to the implementation of a gearbox with integrated differential and quick-change final drop and mechanical reverse, the gearbox actuation remains electronic but the actuator is engaged and acts directly from inside the Barrell.

The weight distribution has been shifted forward by 4%, the front and rear suspensions are different, as are the track widths and OT of the wheels, in the front suspension the strut acts directly on the strut.

Electronically, the wireless steering wheel communicates with a Power box that replaces the fuse box, while the Braking System is oversized and the discs self-ventilated.

Giovanni Bellarosa (Wolf Racing Cars General Manager):
"We release today the first images of the Raiden, we are proud of the finished product, at the technical level we have achieved all the ambitious goals we had set, so the design phase was the longest ever for one of our cars but seeing its performance on the track we can already say it was worth it. The Wolf GB08 Raiden will also have to contribute to change the physiognomy of the Italian Sport Prototypes Championship, we took the difficult and courageous decision to change from a Championship for private and self-managed drivers to a Series reserved for a small number of Teams that will have to field 4 cars each, a choice of difficult implementation, but that wants to give CISP an image and professionalism in line with the most prestigious categories of Motorsport, to give Sport cars also in Italy the place they deserve and to represent for the very young coming especially from Kart, really an alternative to the classic propaedeutic formulas. "


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