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The new Extreme is here...Extremely Wolf!

16.07.2021 - Wolf Racing Cars is proud to announce the much-awaited Extreme, the new Sport Prototype single-seater featuring the new aspirated V8 engine capable of 650 BHPs and a weight of 620 kg, which sets a new benchmark for the category. The car’s name comes from the fact that Wolf Racing Cars pushed to the extreme the concepts of reduced weight, high aerodynamic load and power. The best possible performance has been combined with very high safety standards thanks to the carbon fiber chassis, certified safety structures, and the addition of the Halo device.

Extreme is the first car produced after the agreement with Ford Motor Company. The V8 engine is combined with the brand new transversal transmission and has been directly prepared by Wolf’s engineers that since the end of 2019 are the official Builder Engine for Ford.

Giovanni Bellarosa (Team Principal Wolf Racing Cars):
"Today we officially introduce the Extreme, we have a lot of expectations for this car and we have been working for such a result since the beginning of the design. Our clients from Europe and the US but also Korea placed orders for the car without even seeing it. We would like to thank them for the trust and cannot wait to deliver them their brand new Wolf GB08 Extreme”.



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