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Wolf Racing Cars set to grow in China thanks to 51GT3.COM

51GT3.COM will expand the Wolf Racing Cars dealerships in Asia

23.01.2023 - The Italian manufacturer based in Gardone Valtrompia will rely on the Asian company as an official distributor to increase the presence and visibility of Wolf Racing Cars in the Chinese market.

51GT3.COM is the largest motorsport portal in Asia. Created in 2019 by Chinese Entrepreneur Alex Li, this website is dedicated to making the process of buying and selling race cars as smooth and simple as possible.

Within three years, 51GT3.COM has established itself as the number one destination for Asian racing teams to sell their race cars and for racing fans to access race data. In 2022, over 60% of race cars in Asia were sold through 51GT3.COM.

In 2022, 51GT3.COM introduced high-end racing products to the Asian market and has also started its Track Experience Center at Ningbo International Circuit to offer track car driving experiences to race enthusiasts.

Alex Li (Founder, 51GT3.COM):
"I founded 51GT3.COM three years ago with the idea of making it easier for car enthusiasts to enter the world of racing. After three years of hard work, 51GT3.COM has achieved its goal by becoming the largest racing website in Asia, with 60% of racing cars sold through 51GT3.COM in 2022, and becoming the number 1 source of Asian racing data. In 2022, we expanded our vision to the next level by offering useful information and real racing experiences. We want to offer racing fans the real experience, i.e. their first experience of driving race cars on the track, so we started our 51GT3.COM Racing Experience Centre at one of the best tracks in China and are offering a range of race cars such as Cup Cars, GT4 and F4, among others, for newly licensed drivers. However, I still feel that in Asia the ideal racing car is missing. I want an affordable car to drive that offers a similar experience to an F1 car: open cockpit with HALO, high aerodynamic load, safe and easy to drive. This is how the Wolf GB08 Mistral caught my attention. After researching and reference checks with Wolf owners around the world, I have been convinced that the Wolf GB08 Mistral is the ideal car in my mind for many years.
The first Wolf GB08 Mistral will arrive at the 51GT3 Track Experience Centre at the beginning of March, offering Asian racing enthusiasts the thrilling experience of driving a Wolf GB08 on the track".


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